Organic foods have arrived some time now on the shelves of supermarkets and on our tables. Organic farming is characterized by natural cultivation techniques and wants to offer to the consumer quality food. It doesn’t use chemicals or ingredients obtained or derived from GMOs and prefers crop rotation, with positive effects on the characteristics of soils and plants. In what way does this type of cultivation reflect on the quality of products and why you should choose organic foods in preference to conventional ones? There are at least seven good reasons to buy them and be fully satisfied:

  • taste: the foods do not contain GMOs and are free of pesticides and herbicides, which are harmful to both the soil, the sources of water and for the health of adults and children. Therefore, they are more flavorful and the taste is of more genuine
  • quality:: organic foods do not contain substances harmful to humans, as additives, preservatives, dyes, glutamate and sapidity correctors
  • security: gli allevamenti sono controllati. the farms are verified. Animals are fed with organic plant products, and are treated with homeopathic and herbal remedies. The use of antibiotics for preventive treatments is prohibited
  • well-being: immune defenses are reinforced in case of illness the body reacts better and faster
  • beauty: organic foods contain a higher amount of antioxidants, which influence the aging of the skin and of the appearance and brightness of the skin
  • environmental protection: the nutritional properties are identical to those of non-organic food cultivation but food is produced with natural techniques, which also help preserve the environment and the ecosystem.
  • traceability: you can always go back to the origin of the product chain to be sure of the organic certification.

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