Organic products come from farms and crops in which no use is made of chemicals. A model of agriculture more respectful of the environment and animals, which involves the use only of natural substances in the various stages of production.

But if we go from the definition of the system to the everyday life, a spontaneous question may arise: why choose organic products? The reasons that should push us to prefer organic instead of conventional food are many and varied.

First, trough buying organic food, you sustain biodiversity, jeopardized by the current high yield monocultures. The organic farming methods, which exclude the use of pesticides in favor of alternative techniques such as rotation and intercropping, in fact, affect positively on increasing species present in nature, in all stages of the food chain.

Also, choosing organic products can ensure future generations a more sustainable future. The organic agriculture is based on a more informed use of natural resources in order to avoid the uncontrolled exploitation of the environment in favor of a model of production of higher quality.

Finally, buying organic products means bringing many benefits for our health. Firstly, organic foods do not contain GMOs and are not derived from genetically modified seeds. This allows the strengthening of our immune system and reduces the risk of allergies and digestive problems. In addition, the foods from organic farming are free of neurotoxins, substances harmful to the brain and nervous system, and rich in nutrients essential to the proper functioning of our body such as vitamins and minerals.

These are the summarized main reasons that should push us to buy organic products: respect of nature, the environment and our health.

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