Food from organic farming is grown and raised without the use of additives and substances from chemical synthesis and in respect of the rhythms of Mother Nature. Only natural techniques are used for quality-oriented production and not the maximization of quantitative yield. The benefits that organic products present for our well-being and to our health are numerous. We have tried to summarize them for you, showing you five good reasons why it’s worth and it’s important to eat organic.

1. More taste

Organic products, grown and bred in a natural way, are characterized by a better and more intense flavor. This is because organic foods are not mass-produced, but they follow the seasonal rhythms, preserving their authentic and traditional taste.

2. Increased concentration of nutrients

Organic products, being cultivated according to natural rhythms and methods, are richer in nutrients essential for the proper functioning of our body.

3. Less toxic substances

Organic foods are free of neurotoxins, substances that can adversely affect the brain and nerve cells. These toxins, instead, are commonly present in non-organic foods, as they are contained in many of the pesticides commonly used in agriculture.

4. Stronger immune defenses

Organic products are natural, nutritious and thus substantially strengthen the immune system of our body, acting positively on our metabolic structure. Organic foods are also rich in antioxidants that prevent the aging of the organism and particularly that of body tissues.

5. Better protection of natural resources

Organic nutrition helps support a model of agriculture respectful of nature, avoiding the uncontrolled exploitation of resources.

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