The Mediterranean diet is a way of eating considered one of the healthiest among the existing ones and inspired by the culinary traditions of the countries bordering the Mediterranean basin. Its key points are an increased consumption of vegetable instead of animal protein, a reduction of saturated fat, the importance of fruit and vegetables in the intake of vitamins, minerals and fiber and the use of olive oil. The Mediterranean diet, of course, is not just vegetarian. It establishes also a right amount of animal products: red and white meat, eggs, dairy and fish that are integrated in a balanced diet, suitable for all ages and health. Several studies show that the Mediterranean diet has many benefits to our health. Firstly, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, since it allows keeping under control cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure and the level of blood sugar. Moreover, by providing a high consumption of vegetables, grains and low intake of fat and sugar, reduces the risk of diabetes. In addition to the health benefits illustrated, there is another significant benefit to be taken into consideration: the Mediterranean diet facilitates the maintenance of a proper body weight. It is a nutritious diet consisting of meals that allow you to feel satiated without exceeding with excessive amounts of fat. Foods such as bread, pasta, even better if it’s whole wheat, vegetables, fish and fruit provide protein and sugars low in cholesterol and lipids. Given these advantages, we can certainly define the Mediterranean diet as an ally for our health.

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