200 ml of vegetable soup

4 tablespoons of DolceBaby Semolina

1 DolceBaby Meat Puree

1 teaspoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil

time  10 minutes   |   prodotto_ricetta  Organic Semolina

DolceBaby Semolina has a creamy texture with no lumps, ideal for feeding your baby in the first stages of weaning, which usually occurs around 4 months. Try our recipe of Semolina with meat puree to prepare a tasty and nutritious baby food.


Put to boil the vegetable soup and pour it hot in a bowl. Add to the soup 5 tablespoons of DolceBaby Semolina, little by little, and melt everything well. Then add 1 jar of meat puree, mix briefly to blend the mixture. Finally season the dish with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil.

Note: the doses of this recipe are approximate and may vary according to the age and appetite of your baby. Ask the opinion of the pediatrician to choose the best dose.

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