Lentils creams 

BabyKiss organic legumes creams are indicated during weaning to enrich the diet of your child with essential nutrients.


Legumes are of fundamental importance in the feeding of infants since the beginning of weaning, because they are rich in vegetable proteins, essential nutrients for balanced diet. With Baby Kiss Organic Lentils Cream your child can experience a new taste and enrich his diet with an important food for his growth. Easy to prepare, Baby Kiss Organic Lentils Cream does not require cooking: just add boiling water or soup and stir. Our legumes creams are:

  • of instant preparation
  • enriched with vitamin A, B1, D and calcium
  • gluten-free, dairy-free, no added salt
  • in convenient resealable packages for freshness


Baby Kiss Organic Creams are indicated during weaning to enrich your child’s diet with essential nutrients.

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    Organic Lentils Passatino

    Baby Kiss Organic Lentils Passatino, enriched with Vitamins, is an excellent meal, immediately ready, that does not require cooking: you obtain a soft and tasty cream.

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