Meat Purees

Baby Kiss Organic Baby Food Meat Purees are designed to introduce new flavours into your baby’s diet, at the same time ensuring that he receives the right amount of animal protein for healthy growth.


These homogenised meats can be used in the weaning process, as from four months of age, unless otherwise directed by a paediatrician.

There are three different varieties to choose from: Chicken and Veal, both with a light and delicate taste, and Beef which has a richer flavour.

All our meat purees are:

  • free from added salt and fat
  • free from colourings and preservatives (in compliance with legal requirements)
  • gluten free

They are made exclusively from raw materials sourced from organic farms and are lovingly prepared, without altering the natural and original flavour of the meat.

Our homogenised baby foods are packaged in practical, re-sealable plastic pots, designed to guarantee perfect conservation of the product. It can be portioned out in amounts suitable for the child’s nutritional needs, thus avoiding waste.

The containers are lightweight and easy to handle, making it easy for modern mothers, who are always on the go, to take with them everything they need for their child’s meal. What is more, being made of plastic, they are ideal for indulging a child’s natural curiosity and desire for new experiences: when he wants to start eating by himself, the child can hold the pot in his hand and learn to be independent, in absolute safety.


Baby Kiss Organic Baby Food Meat Purees: