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Organic Rice Cream

  • without sugar and added salt
  • without gluten
  • enriched with vitamin B1

Thanks to the absence of gluten ” DolceBaby” Organic Rice Cream is particularly suitable, unless otherwise recommended by your pediatrician, for the very first period of weaning. A soft cream, immediately ready, made with organic rice produced from crops that do not require treatment with chemical and synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

Cooking instructions and recommendations for use:

Stir 3-4 tablespoons of Organic Rice Cream in 150/200 ml of hot water (50° – 60°). 
Mix thoroughly to avoid lumps. If necessary add more water to reach the desired consistency. 
Always check the temperature before feeding your baby.
1 spoon = about 6g.
The doses of the ingredients are indicative. Follow the directions of the pediatrician.
After the meal do not use any advanced product.
For a tastier and more consistent cream, it is recommended to add freshly grated fruit and mix the cream with breast milk or artificial milk. To alternate the baby’s diet, it is suggested to mix the flour with vegetable stock and add extra virgin olive oil and/or parmesan cheese. 


Organic Rice Flour, Vitamin B1.

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