Svezzamento 4 mese

Organic Semolina

  • Enriched with Vitamin B1
  • Instantaneous

The DolceBaby Organic Semolina is the baby food suitable in the very first weaning period, unless otherwise recommended by your pediatrician. Semolina, immediately ready, has no added sugar and salt and is made with organic wheat, obtained from crops free of treatment with pesticides or chemical and synthetic fertilizers.

Cooking instructions and recommendations for use:

To prepare the baby food, mix in a bowl 3-4 tablespoons (approx. 6 g) of semolina and 180/200 ml of boiling water., You may vary the amount of the flour and water, depending on the consistency you want to obtain. For a tastier and more consistent cream, we recommend adding grated fresh fruit and mixing the cream with breast milk or formula. To vary the diet of the infant, it is suggested to mix the flour with vegetable soup and adding extra virgin olive oil and / or parmesan cheese to it.


Durum wheat flour from organic farming (contains GLUTEN), vitamin B1.