Svezzamento 6 mese

Single-serving Veal & Zucchini cream

  • enriched with vitamins A, B1, D  and calcium
  • ready in 3 minutes
  • without salt, milk, or added sugar
  • gluten free

Our new single-serving Veal and Zucchini cream is a gorgeous baby food with rice, meat and vegetables in a perfect mixture to feed your baby with a balanced and comprehensive meal. It comes in convenient single-serving pouches that can be easily carried everywhere, allowing you to always have an organic food solution for your baby’s needs.  

Instructions and tips:

Empty the pouch in 150ml of water or broth, stir it until it’s boiling and cook it for 3 minutes. You can top it with extra vergin olive oil and parmisan cheese o add extra flavor.   


Rice flour*, Pea flour*, Zucchini flour* 4,6%, dehidratated veal* 4,6%, Vitamin A, B1, D and Calcium *from organic farming.

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