Need Baby Clothes? Don’t Forget Baby Girls Tees

When the sun decides to stay out a little longer in the day, it’s time to give your kids a little dressing-down. Off with the little coats, mittens and scarves: time to shop for baby clothes that don’t make your princess break a sweat, like baby girls’ tees. One of the best parts about having a little girl is this time of year when you can pair her solid color baby tees up with her rompers from Album di Famiglia’s line of fine Italian clothing. Album is but one of a handful of avante garde, neo-retro designers to design for little boys and girls.

If you take their re-interpretation of the solid color baby romper, toddler style is definitely the new “in” thing. They have designed a romper with elastic in the arms and legs, as well as the neck area, bunching the poplin cotton just right. Their cotton feels like luxury next to your girl’s skin, and they’ve designed these beauties like all of their line – children love their stylish, comfortable clothes. What else would you expect from a luxury line of children’s clothing, imported all the way from Italy?

One of the best parts about dressing-down your daughter in baby t-shirts from designers like Album, Nellystella, Bon Bon and others is that you have a wide landscape of choices to pair them with. Album offers cap-sleeve girl tees that are perfectly fitted for your daughter, in various colors, and with bottoms such as their dotted romper, or one of their many overalls that will leave you breathless.

When you dress your little girl, there are a few things to keep in mind, but two of the most important are: are the clothes washable? Are they comfortable? Naturally, you’ll want to make certain that you can wash your kids’ clothes before you buy. Dry cleaning your baby’s clothes introduces harsh chemicals, and incurs an unneeded expense. Thankfully, Album di Famiglia has refined cotton and other natural fabrics so that even the most sensitive princess can easily wear their entire line of baby clothes.

When your baby needs to dress casually, in simple and elegant styles from baby t-shirts to solid color rompers toddler sized, you’ll want to give her the quality she – and you! – deserves. When nothing but the best will do, be sure to give the top shelf designers a look, and imagine your little girl in nothing less than what she deserves.

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